Haiti will also use the Poverty Stoplight

A team from Fundación Paraguaya integrated by Roberto Giménez, program manager; Juan Fernando Gómez and Adriana Álvarez, from the area of the Poverty Stoplight, traveled to Haiti to train the Fonkozé organization -the largest microfinance institution in that country,- in the Poverty Stoplight methodology. This organization works with the people at the base of the pyramid, through the CLM Ultra Poor program, in a country that is really affected by poverty.



Fonkozé will be implementing the Poverty Stoplight tool; and  because of this, the representatives of the Fundación Paraguaya had meetings with their peers from the aforementioned organization to train them in the methodology, and also shared their experiences with the clients of the Fundación Paraguaya. The team also visited participants of the CLM Ultra Poor program, as well as some regional offices of the local organization.



The agenda also marked workshops of introduction to the Stoplight, about the integral theory that sustains it, presentation of the Fundación Paraguaya, dimensions of poverty, as well as training in the use and application of the Poverty Stoplight and its adaptability to each reality. The Fonkozé team will be applying the Stoplight to its clients and beneficiaries, as well as to rural families.

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