Health of collaborators as key indicator in the productivity of companies

Going through a Pandemic and surviving the health effects of environmental disasters, caused a change in the priorities of organizations. The promotion of health in the workplace has become -now more than never- a necessity for companies that seek the well-being of their employees and customers.



That is why, the Network of Businesses Without Poverty, guided the inter-company meeting last September in the presentation and design of new opportunities to influence the improvement of indicators of physical and mental health of employees. These companies use the Poverty Stoplight tool to measure and manage the well-being of their employees in various dimensions, including Health and Environment.



The meeting was attended by representatives of organizations such as MediGet, which with its telemedicine proposal proposes to democratize health using technology as an ally to make medical consultations more accessible for collaborators, offering virtual consultations with professionals from different areas at an affordable cost. In addition, the psychologist Silvia Meza, from Fundación Paraguaya, generated dialogues about the main risks to mental health that exist at work, and how to prevent them by implementing an action plan on the subject. She made known which interventions or practices are the most appropriate to protect the mental health of employees.



To wrap up, Carmen de Janon, from Diaz Gill Laboratorial Medicine, a member of the Network, shared with the attendees the opportunities available for companies, such as free talks on breast cancer prevention, in anticipation of the activities that will be the protagonists of Octubre Rosa (Pink October.) In this way, the participants bid good bye to this space by reinforcing the commitment to work on initiatives that benefit employees and guarantee their well-being to improve their quality of life.