IDB representatives meet entrepreneurs from Emprendé Paraguay

Representatives of the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) visited Fundación Paraguaya in order to learn more about the work being done by the organization with its entrepreneurs and how their experience was with the Emprendé Paraguay program.




The delegation was composed of María Florencia Attademo-Hirt, representative of the IDB in Paraguay, Luis Fernández Zang, investment officer, and members of the Foundation, who visited the cities of Coronel Oviedo and Ciudad del Este.




Among the entrepreneurs was Marcela Suárez from Coronel Oviedo, who has as a business of production and sale of sweets and seasonal fruits. She is also part of the mentoring program together with her mentor Ariel Jara.




Another entrepreneur was Diego Jara from Ciudad del Este, he has an enterprise called “Mbareté Fit Food”, which dedicates itself to the preparation of healthy foods. Her mentor, Lourdes Flor, is Consultant and Unit Director at the Eastern National University (Universidad Nacional del Este – UNE).




Fabio Bulaciones, who also received the visit of the delegation, manages a barbershop and his mentor is José Pose, businessman. Lastly, they met Sergio Dos Santos, owner of an enterprise called “Whatever Clothing”, which is dedicated to the production and sale of shirts and t-shirts, his mentor is José Pico, owner of an indoor and outdoor fumigation company.




The IDB Representatives also took the opportunity to visit the Women’s Committee “San Expedito” of the Villa Clarita settlement in Coronel Oviedo, which counts with 30 women, all part of the Poverty Stoplight program.




The delegation was very happy with the work being achieved; they lived the experience of getting to know entrepreneurs of the program, exchanging experiences with them and seeing how they perform in their respective businesses.

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