Important agreement seeks to revalue indigenous customs and culture

Fundación Paraguaya signed an important agreement with the National Secretariat of Culture, within the framework of the Cerrito Stoplight Initiative, with the aim of strengthening and revaluing the cultural customs of indigenous communities, mainly the Qom community of Cerrito. This alliance is part of the activities for the international year of the indigenous languages, in addition to corresponding to the indicators of culture of the Poverty Stoplight in the community.





With this important step taken, Fundación Paraguaya continues to promote the preservation and promotion of the local cultural heritage, especially of those indigenous communities with which it is working. The two organizations aim to establish the bases to achieve a smooth relationship, strengthen inter-institutional cooperation ties, promote plans, programs and projects, as well as facilitate technical assistance and training, seeking to preserve the cultural heritage of indigenous communities.





“From Fundación Paraguaya, we are committed to end poverty, so this alliance with the National Secretariat of Culture is very important for us, since we work with indigenous communities  in Cerrito; and we want to deepen and revalue their customs,” said Martín Burt, CEO of Fundación Paraguaya, who signed, together with the Minister of Culture, Rubén Capdeville, the cooperation agreement.





“This kind of agreement strengthens us; culture is a factor of economic and social development and we want to have the greatest possible reach, and I know that we can articulate many actions with Fundación Paraguaya,” said the Secretary of State.





In the community of Cerrito, Fundación Paraguaya is working -through the Cerrito Stoplight Initiative,- with 1050 families, of which 650 are from the Qom community.

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