Important agreement that will boost women entrepreneurs

Fundación Paraguaya, together with Coca Cola, established an institutional alliance with the Office of the First Lady, with the aim of amplifying the scope of the Empredemos Juntas program, which promotes the empowerment of women. The signing of this agreement took place in the office of the First Lady, in Mburuvichá Roga, in the presence of representatives of the organizations involved in the project.




The alliance seeks to establish a mutual cooperation that develops and promotes the Emprendemos Juntas program throughout the country; thus, empowering women in vulnerable situations by strengthening their abilities, through workshops and trainings that have already been implemented since 2017 by the Fundación Paraguaya and Coca Cola. The agreement will also allow the establishment of working tables with the Office of the First Lady, to train multiplying agents of the project and the possibility of articulating efforts with other State agencies, so that the program can expand and reach more women.




Silvana Abdo, First Lady of the Nation; Luis Fernando Sanabria, General Manager of Fundación Paraguaya and Silvina Bianco, Director of Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability of Coca Cola were present. “We want to teach our clients to earn money, to undertake, to provide for themselves; that is why this type of alliances, with private companies and the government, strengthens the work that we have been carrying out, in this case with the Emprendemos Juntas program, which benefits so many working women,” said the General Manager of the Fundación Paraguaya.




On her part, the Coca Cola representative also expressed satisfaction for the important step taken. “We believe in collaborative work, when the public, private and civil society organizations come together, greater impact can be achieved,” she said.

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