“Impulsate” program for young entrepreneurs

The Fundación Paraguaya and Nestlé will be carrying out the program for young entrepreneurs called “Impulsate”, which will be developed this year in September, October, and November. Young people aged 18 – 29 can participate and apply free of charge by going into the Nestlé website, www.nestle.com.py.



After receiving the applications, the organizing committee will carry out the selection process; 300 young people will be selected and the applicants chosen to participate in the program will be informed via email on Monday, August 31 of 2020.



The program will be developed through the Zoom platform every 2 weeks, the sessions will last around two hours, and once it is finished, the participant will be able to take their practical classes through the Classroom platform, according to the guidelines provided with a due date for submitting papers before the start of the next session. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will access the certificate of participation from Fundación Paraguaya and Nestlé.



With this program, the Fundación Paraguaya, supported by Nestlé, will seek to encourage business ideas among young entrepreneurs in our country.