Las mujeres transforman, an initiative that changed women’s life around the world

Fundación Paraguaya has been working for several years now with Coca Cola (PARESA), through the Emprendemos Juntos program, a program in which thousands of women were trained and empowered through entrepreneurship. As part of this program, a regional webinar was held, “Las mujeres transforman,” where results of the 5by20 campaign were shared, an initiative that changed the lives of 5 million women around the world.



The meeting was attended by panelists from the region, such as Alejandra Mustakis, president of the Chilean Entrepreneurs Association; Andrea de la Piedra García, co-founder and CEO of Aequales (Peru); Joaquín Morixe, executive director of Endeavor, Uruguay, as well as Martín Burt, founder and CEO of Fundación Paraguaya.



The speakers addressed different perspectives regarding the role that women have been developing in the community, and the importance of their development, gaining spaces within companies and governments. They also spoke of equality and the contribution that women can give to society.



“Is it worth it, and will I be able to do it? Those are the questions that women ask themselves, the first has to do with motivation and the second with training. In my country, many women do not have the tools or the self-esteem to undertake ”, said the Executive Director of Fundación Paraguaya during his speech, who also added that 90 percent of the 70 thousand clients (of the organization) are women .



“The development of women is key for the growth of communities, they are an engine for the economy of nations,” said Angela Zuluaga, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability for Latin America at Coca Cola, who was also part of the regional webinar, which also intended to be a space for reflection and exchange of experiences lived throughout the region.