Launch of the “Ekañy Dengue” campaign

Fundación Paraguaya, as a civil society organization committed and responsible to society, is not oblivious to the problems caused by dengue and which is affecting a large part of our population. Thus, the organization also joined the fight against this scourge, launching the “Ekañy Dengue” campaign, which aims to raise awareness and prevent the disease through concrete actions.



In that sense, all the regional offices of Fundación Paraguaya carried out talks for clients and collaborators, where they talked about the importance of keeping houses, offices or workplaces clean, in order to prevent the virus. Graphic and audiovisual materials were prepared and distributed in all offices. These talks will continue for a few more weeks.



Soon -and also as part of the campaign,- citronella will be included in the Cleaning Kit (Microfranchise of Fundación Paraguaya), which is a very effective product to scare the mosquito, and various tips and recommendations will be shared on social networks and platforms so that the prevention of this disease is more effective.

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