Leaders in microfinance with social impact

Fundación Paraguaya was recently ratified by the Microfinanza Rating organization, as a leader in microfinance with social impact worldwide, for its years of work with proven results focused on empowering microfinance as a tool to improve the quality of life of people. The award received by Fundación Paraguaya was the Truelift Leader Milestone.



Microfinanza Rating is a global rating agency specialized in inclusive and sustainable finance, which provides independent ratings, certifications and high-quality information aimed at improving transparency and promoting good practices in the sector at a global level. It is a brand committed to the sustainable and lasting results of the organizations that work in this area and with vulnerable communities.


The agency granted the Truelift recognition due to the impact of the Microfinance program, in addition, the Poverty Stoplight tool, which Fundación Paraguaya uses with all its microfinance clients, generated an extra stimulus in Truelift when evaluating and giving the recognition (to Fundación Paraguaya), since it is a methodology that seeks to effectively generate a change in the communities.