Leadership program for the U-17 Women’s Soccer Team

The Fundación Paraguaya, in alliance with the Paraguayan Football Association (APF, for its acronym in Spanish), will promote an online soft skills program for the young women who are part of the U-17 Women’s National Team, in the context of an alliance between both institutions. Its aim is for young women to acquire leadership tools that will be useful in their personal, sports and professional lives, it is a free-of-charge program, promoted by the Entrepreneurial Education area of ​​the Fundación Paraguaya, managed by Lorena Soto, former player of the National Women`s team (2004-2011).



“I am very happy to be part of this initiative, I´m thankful to the APF and President Robert Harrison; to their Development department, the director, Douglas Martínez; to the women’s soccer department, and to the Coach Epifanía and her team for allowing us to give these trainings to our national teams,” said Lorena, for whom soft skills such as leadership and public speaking are extremely important for success in sports and daily life. “From Fundación Paraguaya, we hope these trainings continue to develop the leadership of our national teams inside and outside the field, as well as enhance their ability to structure an idea, communicate and express themselves assertively for the benefit of the whole growth of our athletes,” said Soto.



This program is completely free and will last for two months, it will be the first initiative of the Alliance between the Paraguayan Football Association and the Fundación Paraguaya, which has also presented the proposal “Soccer without poverty”, which addresses the issue of vulnerabilities of the families of teenagers who are on their way to the Primera División.




“Sport is an opportunity to forge a spirit of work, effort and camaraderie in young people. We seek to implement programs like this to give them tools for the future, whatever the destination of their sports career, so that they can be professionals who have tools to face the future”, says Martín Burt, executive director of Fundación Paraguaya.



In this way, the kickoff is given to an initiative that seeks to strengthen our sports promises. The Fundación Paraguaya stated that sports leagues and associations that wish to implement similar programs, do not hesitate to come forward to generate a joint work proposal.