Martín Burt presented educational innovation at Global Leadership Conference

Martín Burt, the founder of Fundación Paraguaya, presented his most recent innovation in education: the Educational Stoplight, during the annual meeting of the Eisenhower Fellowships.




Eisenhower Fellowships is an initiative created in 1953, to honor the American President Dwight D. Eisenhower, in order to promote a global leadership and exchange network that brings together the most prominent people from different fields. Each year, they organize a global conference involving some 300 business, political and civil society leaders to address global agenda issues.




In this context, the executive director of Fundación Paraguaya, who has been part of Eisenhower Fellowships since 1994, was in charge of one of the main dissertations of the meeting, where he presented a new metric and methodology that will help governments and communities to manage and improve educational processes. The Educational Stoplight is rooted in the Poverty Stoplight, also created by Burt, which is currently being implemented in 25 countries through more than 200 organizations, companies and governments.




“How can we improve educational systems, if we have not dared to observe them in an comprehensive manner?” asked Burt, who in 2002 undertook the challenge of pulling out of bankruptcy to an agricultural school in the Paraguayan Chaco, and 5 years later he succeeded in making the school achieve self-sufficiency (Cerrito Agricultural School).




The Cerrito Agricultural School has trained more than 800 rural entrepreneurs; and only last year it generated over USD 750,000 in sales. Cerrito’s experience inspired Burt to promote this management model to all schools in the world and ensures that the Educational Stoplight is the first step to achieve it.

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