Nestlé will support the construction of a new dairy plant in Cerrito

With the commitment to keep supporting the future of young people, the Fundación Paraguaya and Nestlé signed an agreement for the construction of a new dairy plant at the Cerrito Agricultural School, which will function as a training space for the institution’s students, under the “learning by doing” system. Nestlé will provide financial support to Fundación Paraguaya and will also make available its experience in advising on the search and selection of suppliers, as well as high-quality supplies and equipment.



This support will be very important for the young students of the Cerrito Agricultural School, who in addition to their cheese production, will be able to generate income through the commercialization of products; which will help to support their self-sustainable education. This activity is part of the Nestlé “Iniciativa por los Jóvenes” program, which seeks to contribute to the preparation and training of new generations, promoting their professional development, in addition to training entrepreneurs and  agro-entrepreneurs in the rural sector.



“This dairy plant will be a school of learning and opportunities. Each of the young people who pass by the plant will know about the standards and procedures to make a top-quality product. We are grateful to Nestlé for betting on an education that transforms the realities of thousands of young people from vulnerable backgrounds,” said Martín Burt, executive director of Fundación Paraguaya.




For her part, Lizzie Kennedy, Country Manager of Nestlé Paraguay also expressed her satisfaction for carrying out this undertaking together with Fundación Paraguaya. “It is a very great satisfaction for Nestlé Paraguay to be able to contribute to the rural youth of the country, making this support a reality through the Fundación Paraguaya; we firmly believe that to integrate young people into the labor market effectively, joint work is required so that education and vocational training programs are sustainable,” she said.



Fundación Paraguaya and Nestlé have been working on joint programs for several years now, supporting the comprehensive training of young people, such as Agro Líderes en Acción and Impulsate.