New opportunities to undertake with micro-franchises.

For eight years non-stop, Fundación Paraguaya has been promoting the Microfranchise Program, with over 10,500 active microfranchisees, an opportunity for microentrepreneurs who want to start a business by representing a brand that is positioned in the market with continuous technical assistance, a simple design and low investment.



This year, the Program continues to grow, always aiming at supporting national entrepreneurs, and has seven microfranchises available. Narella (sale of clothes and lingerie), Mobil (lubricant for motorcycles), Kit de Huerta Premium, Kit de Huerta Estándar and Huevos Cerrito (with products from the Cerrito Agricultural School), Kit de Limpieza y Kit de Prevención (inputs to make cleaning products).



The entrepreneurs, together with the officials and advisers of Fundación Paraguaya, and the micro-franchisors, carry out a business plan and are constantly trained to progressively diversify their income. As replenishments increase, so do earnings.



By visiting one of the 24 offices of the Fundación Paraguaya, people who wish to undertake with microfranchises can access an initial kit with an investment that varies from PYG 30,000 to PYG 300,000. Some cases show the success of this program, such as that of the micro-franchisee Carolina Beatriz Silva Venialgo, who makes clothing and has a kiosk. At the beginning of the pandemic, she also started working with the cleaning kits because she wanted to generate new income and says that she is doing very well in the sale of her products.



Another success example is that of Lucia Estigarribia, who decided to undertake with the Huevos Cerrito micro-franchise to diversify her income because due to the pandemic, she was no longer able to continue working as a masseuse. She said that she is happy to have done it, because she is now able to work from the comfort of her home while taking care of her two children.



If you want to start a micro-franchise or are interested in your company being part of this Program, call 021 609277 int. 2200.