Nobel Prize in Economics presents Martin Burt’s book in New York

Edmund Phelps, Nobel Prize in Economics and Director of the Center on Capitalism and Society at Columbia University in New York, was the host of the launching of the “Who Owns Poverty?” book, written by Martín Burt, Executive Director of Fundación Paraguaya. This book is the result of more than three decades of work in Social Development programs in more than 30 countries.


“The issues raised in this work are too powerful, without a doubt it is a wake-up call to rethink public policies,” said E. Phelps during his speech. The President of the National Congress, Senator Blas Llano, academics from different universities and local press media participated in the event.


“It is very thrilling to be able to present this book in one of the world’s most prestigious universities, and to have been invited by a worldwide academic authority such as PhD, Edmund Phelps. It is the first time that a Paraguayan book is presented by a Nobel Prize winner and I feel it as a tribute to all the people who are part of this story,” said Burt.


The book is a set of learnings, where the Founder of the Fundación Paraguaya recounts the change of culture generated within the organization, to make it the first non-profit institution in Latin America to provide technical assistance to countries such as China, also replicating its programs in the United States, United Kingdom and in another thirty countries. “Here, we are not talking about an achievement of the Fundación Paraguaya alone, with this book, we seek to position Paraguay at the discussion table on ending poverty worldwide,” added Burt.


The book will also be presented at Harvard University and in Washington D.C., with a format based on experiences and practical tools to improve people’s quality of life. The material, published in English and Spanish, will be officially launched in Paraguay on October 17 in the Bicameral Hall of the National Congress. Subsequently, it will be launched in Switzerland, China, United Kingdom and other cities in the United States of America.

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