Outstanding visitor in Cerrito

At the beginning of the year, the Cerrito Agricultural School welcomed an outstanding visitor to learn more about the educational model and the work done in the community. He is the Minister of the Management Unit and Coordinator of the Social Cabinet and spokesperson for the Presidency, Hugo Cáceres, who was accompanied by Stella Guillén, Director of the Technical Unit of the Cabinet. Both, along with their entourage, toured the productive units of the School and knew the place.




Also, the Minister was able to learn in more depth about the work carried out through the Poverty Stoplight in Cerrito; he spoke with the members of the Qom indigenous community that live there, where he observed the practices carried out for poverty reduction implemented by the families of said community.




In addition to his entourage, Minister Hugo Cáceres was accompanied by the coordinators of the Poverty Stoplight Initiative, and was open and eager to continue learning more about this tool, hoping that this meeting will be a great step to continue creating and strengthening alliances.

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