Over 120 young people learned about leadership through virtual talks

On June, the Junior Achievement program, promoted by the Fundación Paraguaya, in alliance with the Citi Foundation, carried out a cycle of virtual talks in which over 120 young people from Paraguay and other countries participated. This initiative is part of the ¨Jóvenes Emprendedores en Acción¨ program (Young Entrepreneurs in Action) that the Citi Foundation sponsors in its effort to contribute to the development of new generations.




The main goal of this activity was to strengthen the leadership and entrepreneurial spirit of the young participants. “With Junior Achievement, we seek to instill the idea of ​​how businesses work, how young people can enter the world of work, develop their skills and succeed in life,” said Martín Burt, founder and CEO of the Fundación Paraguaya, who started this talks.




Among the speakers -who were all referents of entrepreneurship and leadership in Paraguay, – was the Vice President of Human Resources and Public Relations of Citi, Alfredo Pajés, who spoke to young people about personal and professional entrepreneurship as well as the importance of assertive communication; also Silvia Gil took part in the talks, she is a well-known international facilitator and speaker, who in an entertaining and interactive conversation, spoke about emotional intelligence.




The trainings were carried out in six meetings using the Zoom platform and via Facebook live from the Junior Achievement Paraguay fan page, where the participants showed, at all times, their interest and enthusiasm on each topic presented.




With this, the Fundación Paraguaya reaffirms its interest in training young people to become leaders and to be able to have a new vision that helps them improve their quality of life and, thus, that of their families and communities.