Participants of the School Enterprise Challenge were awarded at an international level

The educational NGO Teach A Man To Fish, through its School Enterprise Challenge initiative, held its ninth award ceremony among over 80 participating countries and more than 7,000 schools, where Paraguay was awarded in three categories: “Enterprising Student Award”, “Head Teacher Award” and “Best Silver Annual Report Award in the region of the Americas “. The ceremony was held at the headquarters of the Fundación Paraguaya, which is the organization that implements the  School Enterprise Challenge in our country.


10-year-old Ayelén Abigail Ascona González, student of the Escuela Básica Nº 4979 San Pablo, of the city of Liberacion, of the San Pedro  department; obtained the “Enterprising Student Award” for her leadership ability which exceeds her age, motivating her teammates and dedicating on a regular basis to explain the importance of their roles. Lisa Carolina Ríos was awarded in the “Head Teacher Award” category, she is the Head Teacher of the Escuela Básica Nº 7474 Bautista Luz de Esperanza, of Areguá, winning institution in the category of “Best Silver Annual Report Award in the region of the Americas “, taking as a prize USD 2,000 that will be invested in the educational institution. At the national level, the same school was awarded for its “La casita del maní” (“The cottage of peanuts”) enterprise, this allowed them to make improvements to the institution by creating new classrooms.


The School Enterprise Challenge, an initiative of the educational NGO” Teach A Man To Fish,” is an international entrepreneurship program open to schools around the world with more than USD 50,000 in prizes for entrepreneurial institutions, students and teachers.


In Paraguay, it is implemented through Fundación Paraguaya, generating an impact of 2,659 ventures from the 7,000 participating schools, of which more than 579 institutions managed to improve their infrastructure through the revenues of their ventures.


The work methodology consists of the participating schools being able to create a venture that generates an impact, involving the whole educational community. Entrepreneurship training is also provided to all those involved so that they have the necessary tools to carry out their business.

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