Poverty Stoplight initiative moves forward in Remansito

The Stoplight initiative is expanding in the Chaco area, reaching the city of Remansito. Currently, they are working with 160 families who were surveyed last December, and since January, they have been prioritizing the improvement of the urgent indicators of families, such as being part of a group, diversifying income and raising self-esteem.




Among the highlights, and as a result of the results of the surveys, the family extension agents organized the families into a group of Orchid Producer Committee, which is very active and with several activities that are undertaken. One was the meeting with representatives of the Municipality of Villa Hayes in which training was defined for the production of orchids, horticulture courses with MAG technicians (Ministry of Livestock, for its acronym in Spanish), as well as various theoretical and practical workshops that have already started with the participation of female heads of households.




All these steps are carried out by the members of the Committee, with the accompaniment of those responsible for the Stoplight initiative, who advise, and above all accompany the ladies in this new challenge that was given through the survey (of the Stoplight), where all of them became aware of their needs and saw that by being organized and aware of their needs, they can achieve many positive things for their community.

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