Poverty Stoplight reaches Panama

Fundación Paraguaya, in its clear idea of collaborating with organizations from all over the world in its quest to end poverty, has now reached Panama to install the Poverty Stoplight there. Thus, collaborators (from Fundación Paraguaya) are in the Central-American country to train teachers and volunteers of the Santa María la Antigua Catholic University in the methodology, who will be in charge of the implementation of the Poverty Stoplight.




“As part of our visit to this country, we did an adaptation work of the poverty stoplight indicators to the local context, a work with technicians of different areas of expertise to then taking it to the field for the validation of these adaptations, in the zone of Las Minas” , said Nancy Ramos who’s from the Poverty Stoplight team. In addition, she said that they found many Panamanians committed to the cause of ending poverty, so the challenge is even greater.




The team will work on the pilot plan with teachers and volunteers, specifically in this town of Las Minas, in the department of Herrera, where they have influence, and then set the steps to follow, once the training on the USMA Campus is completed (Santa María la Antigua Catholic University). Representatives of this University learned about the Poverty Stoplight in a previous meeting in Ecuador, where they perceived that this tool could strengthen their relationship with the community, as well as their Center for Social Innovation, creating a strong impact in the area, improving the quality of life of its inhabitants.




This project, which is promoted by the CAF (Development Bank of Latin America), has the participation of teachers, social researchers, community leaders, as well as youth and priests. After this trip, a research will be conducted to learn about the results and the impact generated.

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