Presence of Fundación Paraguaya’s General Manager at entrepreneurs’ meeting

Luis Fernando Sanabria, Fundación Paraguaya’s General Manager, was present at the MIT Global Startup Workshop, an event held in Bogotá, Colombia, which sought to boost the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the region. For two days, conferences and talks with world-class panelists were held, with the aim of generating strategic connections between mentors, lecturers -panelists among them,- and with MIT participants.




Fundación Paraguaya, represented by its General Manager, shared a space called “Enduring innovations are those that have the greatest impact”, along with the Chilean Isabel Guerrero, Co-Founder and Executive Director of IMAGO Global Grassroots. Between them, they addressed the key components to lead a social enterprise, in addition to presenting the work done through the Poverty Stoplight in various communities, creating and sustaining a social enterprise based on the community.




“Social entrepreneurs should be attentive to market opportunities like any other commercial entrepreneur,” said Luis Fernando in his presentation. He also pointed out that if you want to change society, you should attract the best talent to the social sector, despite the difficulties that social entrepreneurs sometimes face. “One of the most difficult things that a social entrepreneur has to face, is to be able to land their dreams.”




Approximately, 40 speakers participated in the MIT Global Startup Workshop; program directors, entrepreneurship leaders, mentors, teachers and entrepreneurs from Latin America were among them. The topics were developed in customized workshops, conferences and meetings with world-class investors, with the aim of generating spaces for the exchange of knowledge on the best business practices and success stories.

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