Presentation of the Poverty Stoplight at the United Nations

The Executive Director of Fundación Paraguaya, Martín Burt, introduced the Poverty Stoplight to the United Nations Development Program, where he detailed about the contribution of this Paraguayan tool, and how the indicators of it align to the Sustainable Development Goals.



UNDP Paraguay is looking for innovative ideas through its acceleration lab, which is why Fundación Paraguaya was reached out for being an innovation reference in our country and the world. The executive director of Fundación Paraguaya showed how Paraguayan families are contributing to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) through the Poverty Stoplight; he showed innovative solutions such as competitions for women entrepreneurs, and how added value aligns the Stoplight to the objectives, goals and indicators of the SDGs. He also highlighted the importance of including families at the center of the SDG debate.



UNDP Paraguay, as well as the Fundación Paraguaya, works on several initiatives that foster innovation in the countries where it is present. It has 60 acceleration labs globally, whose objective is to scale up new solutions for problems such as climate change and the increase of inequalities. The presentation of the Poverty Stoplight was held at the UNDP Paraguay headquarters.

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