Presenting the Self-Sustainable School model in Ecuador

The general manager of Fundación Paraguaya, Luis Fernando Sanabria, and the manager of the Self-Sustainable School Program, Luis Fernando Cateura, participated in a meeting in Ecuador, where they presented to the educational community of the country, the Self-Sustainable School model of the Fundación Paraguaya, its components and the advantages of its teaching methodology.




During his presentation at the Agricultural Workshop of Sustainable Schools, Luis Fernando Sanabria recommended, among other things, to teach rural youth to joing cooperatives -because there is strength in numbers,- and to use technology to learn about market issues. All of this as part of his explanation on the self-sustainable agricultural model used by the Cerrito Agricultural School and the Belén Agricultural School.




Among other activities, the representatives of the Fundación Paraguaya met with the Minister of Agriculture of Ecuador, Xavier Lazo, who has already visited our country on more than once to learn about the programs implemented by the Fundación Paraguaya, as well as with representatives of the Ministry of Education to share the educational model of the agricultural schools of Cerrito and Belén.




The Ecuadorian government, which was the first to apply the Poverty Stoplight, is very interested in promoting the Self-Sustainable School model and for this, they will promote modifications to a regulation of the Ministry of Finance that allows technical schools to generate and manage their resources.




“We are working together with Fundación Paraguaya and the Ministry of Education on proposals that will allow to strengthen the knowledge of our rural youth in agricultural schools in such a way that will lead us towards development and guarantee the generational change,” said Minister Lazo.

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