Project prepared by the Fundación Paraguaya is presented to the President of the Republic by Blas Llano

The President of the Senate, Blas Llano, presented through a note to the President of the Republic, Mario Abdo Benítez, the bill based on the proposal made by Martín Burt, director and founder of the Fundación Paraguaya, regarding the poverty elimination plan. Llano plans to include in the state reform the creation of a program that identifies and lifts the 1,500,000 Paraguayan families out of poverty, an idea articulated by PhD Burt in his bill for the elimination of poverty presented months ago to the Congress of the nation.




As the Fundación Paraguaya proclaims, eliminating poverty has to be an objective that must be promoted as a National Cause, so the Director of the Fundación Paraguaya presented the proposal, which is the basis used by Llano and delivered to President Abdo Benítez, and where he proposes to create a government plan that consists of 8,000 already existing public officials, called family extension agents, identifying and geo-referencing the aforementioned 1,500,000 Paraguayan families.




“Each Paraguayan family will be able to prepare a plan to escape family poverty, with the guidance of the family extension agent, prioritizing their needs and specifying how the family itself will contribute to solving their deficiencies,” Llano said. He also highlighted that the initiative will use existing technology – making reference to the Fundación Paraguaya’s Poverty Stoplight,- to elaborate the baseline that will be the starting point that will allow families to know and identify their strengths and weaknesses, through multidimensional self-evaluation.




“A State reform that does not consider a more important role for Paraguayan families runs the risk of continuing with excessive public spending and disconnected from results that ensure that the prosperity of economic growth and  increased GDP are reflected in well-being and non-poverty  of families ”, said the Senato