Promoting entrepreneurial education in ” La Abundancia” community

The Entrepreneurial Education team of Fundación Paraguaya is carrying out a training initiative for the residents of the “La Abundancia” community in the Paraguayan Chaco. The objective of the training is to promote the educational development of the community, having as an axis that families overcome their poverty indicators through entrepreneurship and participative leadership of young people.


Through this initiative, participants are sought to identify the value and individuality of each person, as well as the importance of organization and teamwork to achieve common goals, and thus resolve conflicts and document processes.


Participants will be able to identify the importance of generating financial and social ventures in order to implement them in the development of their community. They will be trained in technical skills of managing personal, family and entrepreneurial finances in order to achieve the sustainability of their initiative.


The workshops are based on the methodology “Learning by doing” or “Dewey”, which consists of the participants acquiring knowledge from their own experiences in conditions close to the real world. This methodology provides a space of trust, where everyone will have the opportunity to be leaders, breaking the traditional format of schools, acquiring learning through shared experiences.


It should be noted that the young members of the community will access the different competence programs of the Entrepreneurial Education area, such as the “School Enterprise Challenge” which seeks to create young entrepreneurs with global awareness and socially responsible, in the educational environment, being a team task done by the director, a teacher leader, the young people and/or children, and the parents. With this contest, we want to get schools to create school businesses.


The area of Entrepreneurial Education seeks to promote entrepreneurial skills in children, young people and adults, awakening the entrepreneurial spirit in them, so that they are the protagonists of the way out of poverty of their families.

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