Public hearing on poverty elimination bill convened 1,200 people

Some 1,200 people connected to the Paraguay Post 2020 virtual conference, organized by a group of young professionals from various sectors, and whose main speakers were Michael Walton, Senior Lecturer of Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School; Roberto Angulo, co-author of the Index of Multidimensional Poverty in Colombia and benchmark in public policy design in Latin America; and, Martín Burt, director of the Fundación Paraguaya and creator of the Poverty Elimination Stoplight. The debate was accompanied by Claudina Zavattiero, researcher and consultant with emphasis on social protection policies; and David Riveros, Executive Director of Reacción Paraguay.




“Let’s not allow the pandemic to prevent these crucial conversations and reflections from happening,” said Eduardo Gustale, manager of the Poverty Elimination Stoplight at the Fundación Paraguaya, during the opening of the event. The  organizing team summoned experts of international relevance to share success stories, projections and perspectives on how to build a country during and after an emergency like the one we are experiencing.




Regarding the programs promoted by the National Government, Martín Burt said: “the social protection system implemented in Paraguay does not work and will never work if it is not sought to activate the agency and the participation of families. Throughout this process it is too necessary to involve young people and professionals for the applicability and adherence to a social transformation to be possible.”




The head of the Fundación Paraguaya, an organization recognized for implementing social development programs in over 30 countries, also stated that they presented an ambitious, but achievable bill for the elimination of poverty in Paraguay, which he socialized through a website with all conference participants, so that they can make their contributions to it. “This proposal leads us to delve further into the change in the relationship between the State and society,” said Professor Michael Walton.




Professor at one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Mr. Walton gave his opinion on Burt’s proposal and on the paths that governments and societies must take during and after the pandemic, agreeing on the point that families are society’s essential engine of development, in a real and specific way, which is why Burt’s proposal is feasible, unique in the world, and today it becomes a necessity not only for Paraguay, but for all the countries of the world. ”




This public hearing took place within the framework of the Paraguay Post 2020 proposal, which constitute a series of talks and conversations that propose 3 other meetings on similar topics.