Reintegration road: People deprived of liberty will work on their own plans to lift themselves out of poverty

The Fundación Paraguaya and the Ministry of Justice signed an alliance to implement work plans that improve the quality of life and the poverty situation of persons deprived of liberty and their families. These plans will come out from the information obtained through the Poverty Stoplight, a social innovation tool that is now used throughout the world.

During the signing of the agreement, Cecilia Pérez, Minister of Justice, valued the role played by the Fundación Paraguaya. “We are grateful that a civil society like yours is committed to us. We believe that this work is an integral part of safety, since many of the factors of the causes of crime have a social origin, “said the Secretary of State.

For his part, Martín Burt, executive director of Fundación Paraguaya, said that this is an opportunity for people deprived of their liberty along with their families, to be able to thrive. He explained how the Poverty Stoplight is developed from clearly measuring the indicators to proposing specific solutions to the problems identified.

“For each of the poverty indicators, we already have a catalog of proven solutions and strategies,” said Burt, describing the bases on which the plans will be based, among which he mentioned the Microfinance, Microfranchise and Entrepreneurial Education programs, promoted by the Fundación Paraguaya.

How will the Stoplight be applied?

The Poverty Stoplight is a social innovation tool through which the participants evaluate themselves. It is a platform that displays multidimensional poverty indicators together with three possible scenarios identified with the colors of the stoplight: red (extreme poverty), yellow (poverty) and green (non-poverty).

At the end of the self-evaluation, the indicators are identified in red and yellow, from which the priorities that the plans will need are determined in order to lift themselves out of poverty. In the case of the population deprived of liberty, these plans will focus on achieving a comprehensive model of reintegration into society.

From the Justice portfolio, actions will be coordinated with the Fundación Paraguaya through the Directorate of Welfare and Social Reintegration, in conjunction with the Directorate of Criminal Policy and Penitentiary of the Ministry of Justice, which will be responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the agreement.

Explanatory video: What is the Poverty Stoplight?