The current edition of the traditional international event Cerrito Forum will take place from June 7 to 11, but with an innovative format. This year, spaces for debate and proposals are proposed on how to face the post-COVID-19 world, with the goal of achieving a society without poverty.



Cerrito Forum 2021 summons social leaders, activists, students, entrepreneurs, female politicians, and everyone who is interested in being part of a space in which Paraguay and the world can be seen without post-pandemic poverty. Panels, talks and workshops will develop throughout the week, in a hybrid format, that is, face-to-face and virtual.





All of us are going through a unique moment in which the poverty debate takes another turn, as the pandemic has affected and continues to greatly affect the daily lives of people in all areas. The main theme of the forum arises from it all: Let’s rethink a society without poverty post COVID-19, from Paraguay to the world. We interpret “rethinking” as “dreaming” but we complement it with “doing”. Between dreaming and doing there is a way: “the how.” That is the question we are going to try to answer during the Cerrito Forum 2021 week. Therefore, the slogan of Cerrito Forum 2021 is #SoñáYHacé. (dream&do)



A specific theme emerges from the slogan for each day of the week: 1) Challenges, 2) Youth 3) Undertaking during a pandemic, 4) Priorities and 5) Community. Among these spaces, we will have two world-class panels, which will be translated into English simultaneously for the registered public.




On the first day, Monday, June 7, the international panel “How COVID-19 challenges what we thought we knew about multidimensional poverty”, will have speakers such as Martín Burt, CEO of the Fundación Paraguaya and the Poverty Stoplight; Xavier Lazo (Ecuador), former Minister of Agriculture; and Arachu Castro (United States), Samuel Z. Stone Chair of Public Health and director of the Collaborative Group for Health Equity in Latin America.



“The Post-COVID-19 World: What should we prioritize?” It is the second international panel that will take place on June 10. Silvia Morimoto, UNDP resident representative; Roberto Angulo (Colombia), economist expert in development, poverty reduction, inequality and social mobility; and Jazmín Gustale Gill, coordinator of the National Innovation Strategy, will all be part of the panel. It will be on June 10.



Other spaces during the forum include: “Barriers to formalization: the reality of MSMEs with the pandemic effect”, which will feature the presentation of formalization data in the pandemic context, in addition to the interventions of government officials and the entrepreneurs themselves ; and “The youth of today: I dream and do”, which will bring together outstanding young people from different areas who will reflect on what they experienced during the pandemic and their expectations about the future.



Another space on the schedule is “How to use data in plans that generate social impact?” that is designed in a workshop format in which practical cases of data use will be seen; and “Political Women: it is possible to end poverty from local management”, which will feature the interventions of candidates for the mayor and council positions, as well as experts in public policies. The full program is available on the Fundación Paraguaya’s social networks.



Registration to the public room is free and attendance certificates will be issued to those who attend three or more segments of the forum. However, spaces are limited. Registrations can be made through the website: