Savings Tour Launch

The Junior Achievement program, represented in our country by Fundación Paraguaya, together with Hidrovias Do Brasil, carried out the launch of the “Savings Tour”, a program based on dynamic games where participants will learn concepts of savings and financial education, which it will help them in their personal development.




This is the first year of the implementation of the program, where the company’s employees (Hidrovias Do Brasil) will be trained to be volunteer teachers of approximately 1,200 students from the first grade to the last year of high school, who will receive the training.




This initiative arises from understanding that financial habits such as responsible consumption and savings, are indicators of a correct income management that, together with making sound financial decisions, allow achieving greater well-being and quality of life. Especially, saving is essential to achieve personal or family goals, and to face emergencies and unforeseen events.




However, according to the results of the survey conducted in 2017 by the National Strategy for Financial Inclusion (ENIF, in Spanish), saving is not a common practice among Paraguayans, since only 28% have saved in recent months, and half of them still keep their savings in their homes.




Our behavior as adults depends to a large extent on what we learn and experience during the first stage of our lives. That is why, good financial habits should be encouraged from an early age so that children and young people incorporate them into their daily lives.





Junior Achievement Paraguay launches the “Tour del Ahorro” (the Savings Tour), a free financial education program based on the POVERTY STOPLIGHT methodology of the Fundación Paraguaya, whose goal is to start “a change of attitude” in Paraguayan society to evolve towards a society of good financial practices that helps families become economically empowered citizens; thus, contributing to the elimination of poverty.

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