Several activities for the Global Money Week

The Global Money Week was held last week, from March 25 to 29; it is an initiative of the Child & Youth Finance, an organization founded by Jeroo Billimoria, a social entrepreneur from India, and which is promoted in our country by the Fundación Paraguaya, since its executive director, Martin Burt, co-founded the initiative together with Billimoria, and with the support of other social entrepreneurs.





The Global Money Week is part of a global awareness campaign about money; 168 countries participate in this global movement, where Paraguay has been internationally recognized on several occasions for its innovations and impact, focused on providing education and financial inclusion to children and adolescents. This year several educational institutions were visited, such as universities and people in general, thus reaching more than 1,000 people trained in correct use of money.





Even though everyone is affected by the economy, less than 1% of all children in the world have access to financial inclusion and education, and one trillion of them live in poverty. All this has negative repercussions for their development and well-being. Waiting for adulthood to generate conscious use of money results in a weakened economy, overindebtedness and misguided decisionmaking.





During the week, the Fundación Paraguaya developed a series of activities, to raise awareness about responsible money saving and responsible use of it. Among others, visits to schools and colleges, in total more than 90 educational institutions in 9 departments, and trainings of 1,000 education students, implementing financial education workshops in the institutions, and a final information tour in Palma street – Asunción, getting the attention of the adult public by giving small workshops and tips to clean up the finances

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