Signing of an agreement to boost the economy of entrepreneurs and MSMEs

In order to provide financial assistance to MSMEs in Paraguay and improve their operational performance, the Taiwan International Cooperation and Development fund (ICDF) and Fundación Paraguaya have promoted a joint project that aims to assist entrepreneurs and MSMEs in the Paraguayan economy in the financial and inclusion areas, facilitating their access to financial channels as a mechanism to increase competitiveness.



The Project has as its axis the access to financial products, support for MSMEs, and also benefit those companies that have not been able to access other financial products; in this sense, the initiative opens the doors to entrepreneurs and MSMEs that did not have a financial response to maintain and strengthen their businesses. “Paraguay feels very hit by this COVID crisis, but we really want to thank this cooperation that comes at a perfect time, there are many companies that need financing and the banks are cautious and afraid to support micro and small businesses due to the current uncertainty,” said the Executive Director of Fundación Paraguaya, Martín Burt.



With this strategic alliance between the two institutions, mechanisms will be generated to get a better understanding of the situation of MSMEs, besides being able to accompany them in their requests for products and financial plan analysis, in order to generate healthier and financially strengthened enterprises.



The signing of the MSMEs Financing Project (Paraguay) took place at the Sheraton Hotel in Asunción, with the virtual presence of the Secretary General of Taiwan ICDF, His Excellency Hsiang Tien Yi; the Executive Director of Fundación Paraguaya, Martín Burt, PhD; and as guests of honor, the Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Paraguay, His Excellency José Han; the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Her Excellency Liz Cramer, and the Vice Minister of MSMEs of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Isaac Godoy.



The Executive Director of Fundación Paraguaya took the opportunity to present Minister Cramer and Ambassador Han with products from the Cerrito Agricultural School