Stoplight Olympics declared of national educational interest

Five years ago, Fundación Paraguaya started a program in rural schools, with the aim of motivating students to be the promoters of poverty elimination for their families.



After observing real and practical results, it was decided to amplify the platform to all the secondary education of our country; where, through project-based learning and the ¨Learning by Doing¨ methodology, the educational proposal called ¨Stoplight Olympics¨ was generated.




Through slogans and challenges, participants must take different tests that respond to the curriculum, as reinforcement of it, but from a different approach and methodology, where young people become aware of the importance of our actions in our surroundings, the environment, financial health and savings.




During this process, students empower themselves and strengthen their teamwork, leadership and involvement skills with the reality that surrounds them. In addition, through them, improvements and mindset changes are achieved in their families.




As a result of the impact over the course of past years, the Ministry of Education and Sciences has declared the proposal of the Fundación Paraguaya of national educational interest, stating that this type of methodologies reinforces and stimulates the learning process.




This group competition is aimed at students from the first to the senior year of secondary education of all the schools in the country, who must enroll in groups of 15 to 20 members and have a teacher as a team leader. The registration, which runs until Friday, June 28, is free of charge, and the prize for the winning team is a year-end trip to Camboriú.



Institutions that are interested in the Olympics, can register through a link on the fan page (@olimpidasdelsemaforo) and Instagram (@olimpiadasdelsemaforo).

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