Stoplight Olympics will summon young students




The Stoplight Olympics, one of the initiatives of the Entrepreneurial Education area of ​Fundación Paraguaya, was officially launched at an event that included authorities from our organization, the MEC, as well as young students. The Stoplight Olympics is based on the Poverty Stoplight methodology, which seeks to eliminate multidimensional poverty of Paraguayan families. This will be the fourth edition of this activity which is aimed at students of educational institutions.



It is a group competition, in which young people of school age carry out a survey of the current situation of their families, to then implement good practices and attitudes that allow generating positive habits and changes in behavior to eliminate multidimensional poverty, not only in their families, but also in the educational community, being the same young people the ones that generate the learning and the aptitudes to be the promoters of the way out of poverty.



To sign up, participants must form groups of 15 to 20 students, designate a leader who will register the team online, via Facebook: Olimpiadas del Semáforo, or via e-mail, or by phone (021 609277, Int 3023). The registrations and the process are free of charge; all the students of the last 3 years of secondary school of all the country can participate. The competition has the support of the MEC (Ministry of Education and Science).



The platform for the competition will be given through social networks, with instructions and challenges that will seek to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit of the youth and empower them as key actors of a positive change in their community. Last year, the Stoplight Olympics reached 11,626 young people and 649 teams, and this year, the goal is to surpass those numbers, with important prizes for the winners. This year there will also be an innovation, which is sport; thus, seeking to instill in young people the importance of sport in their lives, and the discipline that involves being an athlete, and for this purpose, it will be supported by the Paraguayan Association of Soccer, as well as the INAES (National Institute of Higher Education).

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