Strategic Alliance with the UNDP

The Fundación Paraguaya, keeping up with the strategic alliances to expand its programs, signed, in that sense, a memorandum with the UNDP Paraguay (United Nations Development Program), with the purpose of establishing a cooperation framework and strengthening the relationship between both organizations, with the commitment to support the fulfillment of the goals of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goal) in our country.




The main axes in which they will work together are: elimination of multidimensional poverty; social innovation and entrepreneurship, and empowerment of communities and public policies. In addition, analyzes related to the development of Paraguay will be carried out, with the main emphasis on the elimination of multidimensional poverty, and for this purpose, activities to analyze and promote the Sustainable Development Goals will be developed, among other actions.




Recently, the CEO of the Fundación Paraguaya, Martín Burt, who attended the event, showed the Poverty Stoplight, where he detailed about the contribution of this Paraguayan tool, and how the indicators align to the Sustainable Development Goals.




With this memorandum and the signed agreement, an important step is being taken so that collaboration between the Fundación Paraguaya and the UNDP can be beneficial in order to have a more equitable and sustainable society. The memo was signed by Martín Burt and Silvia Morimoto, a UNDP resident representative in Paraguay.

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