Successful third edition of the Entrepreneurs Fair

The 2019 edition of the Entrepreneurs Fair was held on Saturday, November 23 and organized by the Fundación Paraguaya. It was the third edition of this fair, an event that seeks to empower entrepreneurs across the country who are part of the different programs of the area of Entrepreneurial Education of the organization.



The objective of the event, among other things, was to provide a space for entrepreneurs – children, young people, adults and women,- so that they have the possibility to promote their ventures, in addition to promoting existing programs in the area of Entrepreneurial Education to all interested people who want to be part of these initiatives. Some of these programs are, School Enterprise Challenge and Junior Achievement, for educational institutions; Emprendé Paraguay, for young entrepreneurs; and, Emprendemos Juntas, for women entrepreneurs, among others.



On the occasion, the Walk of Lights in downtown Asunción, hosted the fair, its goal was that the general public could approach to see and learn about the work done by so many entrepreneurs from several cities in Paraguay; thus, promoting empowerment and entrepreneurship spirit as a strategy to end poverty in the country. The event had several activities, in addition to the fair itself, there was space for gastronomy, exhibition of handicraft products with a-hundred-percent Paraguayan workforce and artistic shows.



During the fair, the winners of the School Enterprise Challenge, a national competition between educational institutions across the country, were awarded. The winner was the Escuela Básica N° 5986 Lic. Luis Mercedes Fernández González, with the venture “La casita del Bambú”, from the department of Cordillera; the second place corresponded to the Colegio Nacional San Luis Gonzaga, with the venture “Artesanías & Poyv”, of the department of Paraguarí, and in third place, the Mbaracayú Educational Center, from Canindeyú, with the venture called “Agri Mbaracayú”. All three educational institutions received prizes in cash and supplies.



The area of Entrepreneurial Education of the Fundación Paraguaya has programs that instill the entrepreneurial and creative spirit, in addition to developing leadership in children, youth and women and keeping alive the eagerness to constantly educate and train. Since 2017, the area has been organizing the Entrepreneurs Fair, promoting a space for its participants so that they can show their ventures and through this activity, achieve clear and realistic goals.

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