The Embassy of Ecuador in Paraguay will implement the Poverty Stoplight

The Fundación Paraguaya and the Embassy of the Republic of Ecuador in Paraguay, signed an inter-institutional cooperation agreement through which both organizations commit to seek practical and innovative solutions that promote actions to serve Ecuadorian citizens residing in Paraguay and that are in a situation of vulnerability. For this, the instruments to end poverty developed by the Fundación Paraguaya will be used, which aim at the economic development and social insertion of the participants and their respective families.



The Poverty Stoplight, a multidimensional poverty measurement tool created by Martín Burt, executive director of Fundación Paraguaya, which measures the quality of life of families will be used to carry out this agreement. The Government of Ecuador has been the first to implement the tool with its rural communities, through the Ministry of Agriculture of Ecuador.



Among the actions that will be carried out by the Fundación Paraguaya are, to carry out the informative training to representatives of the Embassy ​​in the technical and content proposal, to implement the Stoplight project in the context of the usual operating activities of the Fundación Paraguaya and provide technical assistance and additional work materials to guide the action plan developed and executed with the families.



On the side of the Embassy of Ecuador, it will have a person for the coordination of the project, it will incorporate the coordination of the Stoplight as part of its annual work plan, and it will identify the members of the Ecuadorian community and their families in a state of vulnerability. In addition, it will give visibility to the project and coordinate joint actions with the Fundación Paraguaya.



This cooperation between the Fundación Paraguaya and the Embassy of the Republic of Ecuador in Paraguay would make the services and activities of Fundación Paraguaya in the field of social inclusion and poverty alleviation, available to resident Ecuadorian citizens and their families.



This agreement, which was signed by the executive director of the Fundación Paraguaya, Martín Burt, and the Ambassador of Ecuador in our country, Santiago Apunte Franco, will last for one year.