The “Emprendemos Juntas” program reaches Ciudad Mujer

A few days ago, the team from the Entrepreneurial Education area of Fundación Paraguaya participated in a meeting with the people in charge of the Exclusive Center for Women called “Ciudad Mujer – Ñande Kerayvoty Renda,” looking to define works and mutual cooperation in 2019, with the “Emprendemos Juntas”program.




The intention is to empower women in the development and growth of their businesses, promoting economic independence and improving their quality of life and that of their families. This will be pursued through workshops aimed at the users of the Center, training them in topics related to home administration, entrepreneurship organization, market research, business models, microfranchising and credit. At the same time, in each meeting, the participating women will work on aspects of emotional intelligence so that they can activate their entrepreneurial spirit.




The meeting had as a result that the Fundación Paraguaya – in addition to implementing the “Emprendemos Juntas” program, – can also offer other services that help in the development of the entrepreneurial thinking of the users, and the way out of multidimensional poverty.




The Ministry of Women was also interested in learning more about the work carried out by the Fundación Paraguaya, and it is hoped to be able to conclude a joint work agreement to reach more women and be able to empower them.

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