The most innovative school in Paraguay opens its methodology to all institutions.

Due to our current reality, the launch of the Fundación Paraguaya`s “School Enterprise Challenge” had to be carried out via Zoom platform, which made it possible to reach more than 2000 teachers, supervisors and school principals from all over the country who participated live, together with the Minister of Education, Eduardo Petta; the Vice Minister of Worship, Fernando Griffith and the executive director of the Fundación Paraguaya, Martín Burt.



The School Enterprise Challenge is aimed at all educational institutions in the country, and contributes to raising awareness about the importance of an entrepreneurial attitude for personal and community improvement, promoting the entrepreneurial spirit. “Schools are the heart of communities. This Challenge allows us to activate the entire educational community, generate pedagogical tools that reinforce the educational process and also strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit in each of the participants,” said Martín Burt.



“Fundación Paraguaya challenges us to transform all schools in the country. I remember when I was first appointed as Minister, a School Principal asked me if I knew the Fundación Paraguaya and I had to say no, so I went to know it and was surprised, I told myself that all schools in Paraguay should be like Cerrito from Fundación Paraguaya” said Eduardo Petta, the Minister of Education.



Designed from the four pillars of UNESCO Education and inspired by the Self-Sustainable Agricultural School model -also created by the Director of the Fundación Paraguaya,- it allows teachers to have a support tool for their work, and it also serves for strengthening their social and academic leadership. It was declared of educational interest by the Ministry of Education and Sciences, through the Resolution N° 11395/17 – Resolution N° 20524/18, especially for subjects such as Project – Work and Technology – Economic and Financial Education – Business Administration – Personal and Social Development, among others.




“I know your work Martín (Burt) and I know the work of your people, that’s why I thank you for the opportunity to transform education in the country together and that we can carry out this program with the technical team of both, the Ministry and that of the Fundación Paraguaya” said Petta.



The Challenge creates and provides spaces for students to develop creativity and critical thinking, consolidate leadership skills, entrepreneurship, and affinity for work. This year, as a consequence of the health crisis, the School Enterprise Challenge was adapted to the situation, incorporating pedagogical materials into the MEC’s ​​digital platform, with the contents of the subject “Work and Technology” of the students of grades 7th, 8th and 9th (Tercer Ciclo).



In addition, an App was developed for the Challenge, which includes guides, tutorial videos and everything necessary to implement it. The initiative has a technical team available for carrying out follow-ups and monitoring of the ventures being carried out. “The School Enterprise Challenge seeks to share and promote the experience of our Self-Sufficient Agricultural Schools where, by using different business models, students learn to generate profitable ventures; in 2019 alone, our School in Cerrito generated more than USD 700,000 in revenue. All the schools have the potential to have a venture that allows them to finance different projects that the educational community wants to carry out,” Burt concluded.



“Our teachers and school principals have always given a positive feedback on the programs promoted by the Fundación Paraguaya. To us, it is a joy and very motivating to face this challenge together” added the Vice Minister of Worship, Fernando Griffith.



This initiative is completely free of charge. All institutions wishing to participate can contact the following: Facebook: Concurso Escuela Emprendedora Paraguay; Mail:; Contact: Leticia Gavilán, cell phone Nº 0972 619 459, and land line Nº 021 609 277 int. 3015