The Network of Companies of the Stoplight closes the 2020 inter-company meetings

We have been working for 7 years in the Stoplight’s Network of Companies for a common goal: to improve the living conditions of workers of the member companies. This work requires cooperation and teamwork to carry out the initiatives and activities that fulfill our mission, within this framework, we carry out monthly Inter-Company Meetings of the Network, which is a space thought out to bring new opportunities, organize joint activities , learn about the experiences of other companies and contact representatives of the companies. This year, in order to continue such a work, we changed the meetings to a virtual format, which has been keeping us active in a year characterized by changes and challenges that people and organizations had to go through in different aspects.



This November, we closed the 2020 Meetings cycle by sharing lessons learned about the implementation of the Stoplight in companies and where we learned about the value proposition of an international ally, whose services are focused on mental health and stress reduction, main lines of work of the Network during the year. We also introduced the opportunities for workshops and trainings for this month; where we address, firstly, the prevention of violence as part of the activities for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women; and secondly, the fight against Cancer of Prostate for Blue November.



Also, through a dynamic, we were able to know the main axes that the program coordinators want to address for the next year and what are the initiatives in which we can collaborate as a network of companies, among which the carrying out of mental health campaigns stand out, personal development and entrepreneurship programs for employees and also promote inter-institutional alliances among member companies. The latter seeking to take advantage of the existing offer of services and products that can respond to needs detected through the Stoplight.



In short, we closed a period where uncertainty and changes were constant, but this, instead of reducing our efforts for the well-being of employees and their families, did nothing more than strengthen our work, recognizing that companies, when committed to the well-being of those who comprise them, we can build a more resilient and humane society.