The Stoplight adds another Hub in Colombia

The Poverty Stoplight continues to add allies in its mission to end poverty throughout the world; in this sense, during a trip to Colombia, an agreement was signed with the Cafam, Caja de Compensación Familiar, of the city of Bogotá. The idea is for the aforementioned organization to replicate the Poverty Stoplight methodology with its employees, approximately 8,000 people, as well as with some companies associated with the Caja in the Colombian country.




In total, the Caja has more than 40,000 Colombian companies among its affiliates, and the Fundación Paraguaya team, comprised of Nancy Ramos and Guido Ruiz Diaz, from the Poverty Stoplight area; plus the presence of its executive director, Martín Burt, for the signing of the agreement. It was an intense week, delivering all the information and experience in the implementation of the Poverty Stoplight.




Also, the team trained the people who will lead the implementation of the methodology in Cafam, there were also meetings with managers of the areas of services and benefits, analyzing the opportunities that they will obtain with the Poverty Stoplight, as a greater implication in the knowledge of the affiliates and that could channel more timely services.




After this experience in Colombian lands, Fundación Paraguaya will continue with the adaptation of the indicators, accompanying very closely the process carried out by the Cafam, with the hope that it can reach and improve the quality of life of thousands of Colombian families.

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