The Stoplight Olympics initiative was launched, which seeks to improve the living conditions of students and their families

The Fundación Paraguaya, through its Entrepreneurial Education area, launched the 2021 Stoplight Olympics in its seventh edition through the zoom platform.

From its ​​Entrepreneurial Education area, the Fundación Paraguayan launched the seventh edition of the Stoplight Olympics, an initiative that is based on the Poverty Stoplight methodology, which seeks to end multidimensional poverty in Paraguayan families. This initiative, which was launched in virtual format, aims to reach a national level, and has been reinvented since last year, by developing an App to be able to implement the program both virtually and semi-face-to-face, so that beneficiaries, through the app, can access all the explanatory materials and videos.

“These Olympics empower young people to become agents of change within their communities. Last year alone, some 20,000 young people from all over the country participated in this initiative. We believe that there is no force greater than that of a boy or girl that encourages them to change themselves, their parents, their schools and their community by promoting good practices”, stated Martín Burt, executive director of Fundación Paraguaya during the launch.

The Stoplight Olympics is a group competition, where young people carry out a survey of the current situation of their families, to then implement good practices and attitudes that allow generating positive habits and changes in behavior to eliminate multidimensional poverty, not only in their families, but also in the educational community. It seeks that young people themselves generate the learning and skills to be the promoters of their way out of poverty.

The competition is supported by the MEC (Ministry of Education and Sciences), MADES (Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development), the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Personas, Together for Education, Paraguay Educa, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Global Compact Network, the Municipality of Asunción and the General Directorate of the National Institute of Higher Education Dr. Raúl Peña.

All the students from the last 3 years of secondary school of the whole country can participate, and both the registration and the process are free of charge. The platform for the competition will be given through the Stoplight Olympics App, with slogans that seek to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit in young people and empower them as key actors of a positive change in their communities. Among the novelties, this year they want to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the 2030 plan, which has the commitment of Paraguay.

Participants must form groups of 15 to 20 students, appoint a leader or captain who will score the team and once registered, they must download the app from the Play Store. For more information, you can go to Facebook: Olimpiadas del Semáforo, Instagram: Olimpiadas del Semáforo, at 0981269146, with Hugo Céspedes, program coordinator, or by mail