The “Who owns poverty?” book was presented in Benjamin Aceval

The “Who Owns Poverty?” book written by the executive director of the Fundación Paraguaya, Martín Burt, continued with his national presentation tour. This time, the author visited the city of Benjamín Aceval, in the Chaco, who in the Municipal Amphitheater talked with local authorities, residents, members of indigenous communities, women entrepreneurs, social referents and interested people in general about the facts that inspired him to write the book, as well as the lessons learned in 34 years of institutional life of the Fundación Paraguaya.




This presentation was possible thanks to the invitation of the Municipal Board, and taking into account that said area of the lower Chaco is very important for the Fundación Paraguaya, due to the presence of its regional office in Villa Hayes and the Cerrito Agricultural School in Benjamín Aceval, in addition of the work that has been carried out with the communities through the Poverty Stoplight Initiative, this meeting was extremely beneficial for its participants, given that, as on previous occasions, there was an interesting exchange of questions and answers between the audience and the author of the book.




After talking about the book, commenting on anecdotes and experiences with the clients of the Fundación Paraguaya, PhD. Burt talked and listened to the referents of the area commenting on their various personal experiences and how, through their efforts and different initiatives, they are improving their quality of life. They also talked about the presence of the Poverty Stoplight in the communities of the area.

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