Training and celebration for mothers

The Fundación Paraguaya, in alliance with the Añuãmi Association, and within the framework of the Cerrito Stoplight initiative, carried out a training on baby and mother care for 15 mothers and pregnant women in the community, an emotional act of delivery of cribs and kits (for babies) also took place. The meeting, which was held in the premises of the Artisans of the Rosarinos group, in the Qom community, also counted on the help of the Cerrito Family Health Unit for the training, which included topics such as prenatal control, family planning,  breastfeeding importance, vaccines and care in times of COVID-19.



Within the Poverty Stoplight initiative, this alliance was important because the topics covered correspond to some indicators of the Poverty Stoplight such as health, sexual and reproductive health, vaccines, being part of a group, nutrition, violence prevention, self-esteem and self-trust. The cribs, in addition to having a special mattress for babies, contained a kit with blankets, several sets of clothes, stockings, gloves and hats, bathtubs, personal hygiene items both for the mom and the baby, diapers, soaps, alcohol in gel and instructions for the use and care of the crib.



The Añuãmi Association is made up of a group of volunteers, who reached out to the Fundación Paraguaya to seek support for pregnant women and babies up to 90 days in the Bajo Chaco area. Through the Cerrito Stoplight Initiative, families with pregnant women were identified in order to give them accompaniment and training, in addition to the delivery of kits. Representatives of the Añuãmi Association, leaders of the Qom community and of the artisans, as well as the coordinators and extension agents of the Cerrito Stoplight Initiative participated in this activity.



The participants were happy with the training and the donation; it is intended to monitor the beneficiaries, in order to accompany them, so that they make a commitment to caring for themselves and their babies.