Twelfth-year students from the Cerrito Agricultural School of Fundación Paraguaya, returned to classes

Twelfth-year students from the Cerrito Agricultural School, located in Presidente Hayes Department, returned to classes from different parts of the country, such as General Díaz, San Pedro, Itá, Limpio, Mariano Roque Alonso, Fernando de la Mora, Benjamín Aceval, among others, to successfully complete the 2021 school year.


Amalio Enciso, the new school Principal of the institution, pointed out that as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the students have seven weeks of face-to-face classes left, after almost a year and a half of virtual classes. “Students will attend in “bubble groups” and the entire school property has been equipped with current health protocols, anticipating the prompt return of students from other grades,” he said.


For his part, Martín Burt, PhD and executive director of the Fundación Paraguaya and founder of the Cerrito Agricultural School, was in charge of welcoming the parents and students of the institution. “Thanks to the parents for trusting in this institution whose motto is learning by doing, selling and earning. We want young people to be educated with a new mind-set; and here, that beautiful dream can come true, and we want to spread it throughout the country, the dream of changing education, changing Paraguay, and getting ahead,” he said.


The Cerrito Agricultural School has 13 didactic-productive units promoted by teachers and students, which serve the dual purpose of generating income to sustain the school and transfer skills to students through the “Learning by doing, selling and earning” methodology. The didactic-productive units are the Hotel Cerrito, which has beautiful facilities in the heart of the Paraguayan Chaco, Iberian cheese, yogurt, dulce de leche (caramel), vegetable gardens, farm, pigs, dairy cows, goats, quail eggs, broiler chickens, rabbits, and tilapia.