We presented the Forum of Entrepreneurs Paraguay, “Celebremos”

A more than special edition of the Forum Entrepreneurs Paraguay was presented, as part of the events held at the Fundación Paraguaya stand at the Mariano Roque Alonso Expo, whose motto this year is “Celebremos” (Let’s celebrate), in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Paraguay’s largest entrepreneurial festival, where young people from all over the country, between the ages of 16 and 23, meet for 3 days at the Cerrito Agricultural School, in September (13, 14 and 15).




During the days of the FEP (Forum Entrepreneurs Paraguay), the participants will carry out various activities; they will participate in keynote speeches by successful entrepreneurs, simultaneous talks, debates on entrepreneurship, thematic night, talent night, among other activities. They will also have competitions and challenges that will give them new tools to boost their entrepreneurial spirit.




The Forum of Entrepreneurs Paraguay is an educational activity that has been organized by the Fundación Paraguaya since 2000, within the framework of the programs of the Entrepreneurial Education area of the organization. More than 4,000 young people already participated from the FEP, and this year it is expected to have 250 participants.




“The FEP is an event that offers learning spaces where participants develop innovative ideas and specific solutions to fight a social, cultural or environmental problem,” said Lorena Soto, manager of the Entrepreneurial Education area of Fundación Paraguaya.




All those who are interested can already contact the Entrepreneurial Education area of Fundación Paraguaya (021 609277), or the FEP networks (Forum of Entrepreneurs Paraguay)

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