We signed an agreement with the Municipality of Villa Hayes

Fundación Paraguaya signed a new framework agreement for cooperation, this time with the Municipality of Villa Hayes, at its headquarters. This approach between both organizations took place in the first instance, through the municipal interest in the work that has been carried out with the Cerrito Poverty Stoplight Initiative and that recently reached the town of Remansito.


The agreement aims at working jointly in several areas, collaborating with resources and institutional capacities for the implementation of projects that have to do with the elimination of poverty and quality-life improvement of the inhabitants of the city of Villa Hayes. Fundación Paraguaya will cooperate with the municipality through forums and training for women entrepreneurs, support to schools, as well as seeking to benefit the inhabitants, educators, children, young people, women and men, in order to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit in them.


Based on this agreement, one of the first steps to be taken will be to assess and measure the life quality of the inhabitants in Remansito by using the Poverty Stoplight methodology, with the accompaniment of the family extension workers of the Cerrito Poverty Stoplight Initiative, to then present alternative solutions to the indicators measured with the aforementioned methodology.


The General Manager, Luis Fernando Sanabria, was present on behalf of Fundación Paraguaya; accompanied by Fernando Pfannl and Celsa Acosta, who are the coordinators of the Cerrito Poverty Stoplight  Initiative; while on the part of the Municipality of Villa Hayes was Manuel Cerna, Chief of Planning. Both parties showed their agreement and satisfaction for this important step which seeks to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the area.

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