Women Entrepreneurs had a fair in Emboscada city

Women entrepreneurs from Women’s Committees from various cities had a successful fair for entrepreneurs in the city of Emboscada, where in addition to exhibiting their products to the public in the municipal square (Artesano Roga), they received training and learned more about the Poversty Stoplight to get ahead in life.



The trainings were given by collaborators from the entrepreneurial education area, on topics such as savings, financial education and how to manage and promote businesses and entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, the Stoplight talk was given by Celsa Acosta, coordinator of the Stoplight Initiative.



In this way, women, entrepreneurs, brave, leaders in their communities, experienced a full day of learning, always respecting the sanitary measures imposed by the Ministry of Health. The day had the support of the Municipality of Emboscada, which accompanied the activity and initiative of women entrepreneurs and the Fundación Paraguaya.