Women entrepreneurs had a training session

As part of the “Emprendemos Juntas” program, carried out by the Fundación Paraguaya and Coca Cola Paraguay, in addition to having the support of the Office of the First Lady, the event called “Emprendemos Juntas meeting” was held a few days ago, aimed at entrepreneurs from the central department, who are part of this program. The meeting was held at the Central Bank of Paraguay.




Emprendemos Juntas is one of the programs of the area of Entrepreneurial Education, it offers tools so that women can enhance their abilities to generate and manage their income, as well as tools to strengthen leadership, self-esteem and social contribution. Participants also develop topics related to financial education, sales strategies, entrepreneurial skills and organization of their ventures.




Interesting speakers attended the meeting, they developed topics such as entrepreneurship and digital marketing, female leadership, digitalization plans for small and medium enterprises, and financial education, among other topics. Silvana Abdo, the First Lady of the Nation, accompanied the entrepreneurs along with Lorena Soto, the manager of Entrepreneurial Education, on behalf of the Fundación Paraguaya.

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