Women’s forum in Santa Rosa

The Women’s forum from the program Empredemos Juntas was conducted in Santa Rosa – Misiones, together with the Fundación Paraguaya and Coca Cola Paraguay. The meeting counted with over 40 local women, who have been following entrepreneurship and empowerment trainings.


The event covered various topics, such as, women’s struggle to improve the future, empowerment, respect for women’s rights, equality and dignity. They learned about marketing, administration, business plan and Canvas business model. In addition, they participated in group activities to put into practice their new knowledge and created a fictional company.


A financial education workshop was conducted, where they learned about revenues and expenses, and about improving their revenue management. Women entrepreneurs also participated in a lecture about recycling and environmental care.


This forum was held by the Coordinators of the program Empredemos Juntas, more especially from the Entrepreneurial Education department. It counted with the support of the Municipality of Santa Rosa, as well as the Women’s Secretary of the City.


The Empredemos Juntas program is an initiative by The Coca Cola Fundation and Fundación Paraguaya, which aims at strengthening and expending the capacities of vulnerable women, through workshops and trainings of the Emprendemos Juntas program.

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