Young People Became Bankers For a Day

Over 70 young people from different schools, both public and private, were part of “Bankers for a day”, an initiative carried out by the educational program of the Fundación Paraguaya and the Junior Achievement, together with Vision Banco. This was the ninth edition of Bankers for a day, whose main objective was to bring high school students closer to the world of work, in a work day at the Bank’s Customer Service Centers, so that they can understand the importance of education and its relationship with the training they would have as future professionals.



The students were with the Bank staff for a whole day, in the different branches; they observed them, saw their actions and participated closely in all the activities of the banking work world.



Since 2011, Bankers for a day has given the opportunity to students of the 10th, 11th and 12th grades to learn, and at the same time, to become more interested in pursuing work careers related to the banking world. It also highlights the excellent willingness shown by Bank employees, who enthusiastically welcome young people in their offices and make them partakers of their workday.



At the end of the day, the closing ceremony was held at the Head Office of Vision Banco, where the young students heard the closing words of executives and employees of the Bank, and received their respective certificates of participation.