Youth Ambassadors Have Graduated

Youth Ambassadors, an exchange program of the Office of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the United States Department of State, recently graduated the 13 young leaders who this year made their cultural exchange trip in the northern country, where they represented our country and participated in leadership training and community project development.





Upon their return, the young people dedicated themselves to the creation of social ventures, where they identified a social problem in their communities to later propose positive impact intervention actions. Throughout this year, community leaders received training in project management and execution tools, as well as having the advice of two mentors who accompanied them on their trip and during the implementation process of their social ventures.





At the graduation ceremony, which was held at the CCPA’s “Teatro de las Américas,” the young people introduced their projects to family and friends, in addition to sharing it with the United States Ambassador to our country, Lee McLenny, and offered an artistic performance.  Below, their projects:





Alejandra Vouga Aguilera – Hechakuaa: 18 years old- Asunción. Her community initiative merges art and science into learning spaces for children.





Amalia Alfonzo Bogado – Green Leader: 17 years old – Luque. Her community initiative promotes the conservation of nature through environmental education.




Beatriz Acevedo Funes – Descúbrete: 17 years old – Luque. Her community initiative seeks to break down gender barriers and empower adolescent women.





Danilo Estigarribia Gamarra – EcoCultura Club: 17 years old – Ypacaraí. His community initiative provides a learning space on environment and about a commitment to it.





Emanuel Deleón Otazú – InterKultura: 17 years old – Pedro Juan Caballero. His community initiative teaches English and Japanese, promoting intercultural respect.





Florencia Chaparro Duarte – Cultivando Oportunidades: 15 years old – Capitán Miranda. Her community initiative trains girls and boys in entrepreneurship and the environment.





Jeremías Vázquez – JaikuaaTE: 17 years old – Itauguá. His community initiative teaches English to young people in an innovative and fun way.





Jimena Cabrera Recalde – Eco Squad: 18 years old – Limpio. Her community initiative develops workshops and vegetable gardens to promote the importance of biodiversity.





Jorge Agüero Quinteros – Eu Joven: 16 years old – Ciudad del Este. His community initiative seeks to empower young people through volunteering and self-knowledge.





Sebastián Cañete Rojas – Mainart: 17 years old – Limpio. His community initiative proposes to develop the creativity of girls and boys through art workshops.





Shirley Fernández Moreno – Ñangareko: 18 years old – Asunción. Her community initiative fosters a healthier community through changes in lifestyle.





Sofía García Morel – Manitos: 16 years old – Villa Elisa. Her community initiative seeks to eradicate the exclusion of people with hearing impairment.





Vanina Benítez Verón – Pororo: 16 years old – Yhu. Her community initiative uses fun learning methods to promote social inclusion.

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